What is Songlosophy?  It is the philosophy behind your art.  Whether you sing, compose, or dance, it is the art that defines you and touches your soul.  Every person has their own songlosophy which evolves from their life and personal experiences.  It can grow and become more sophisticated as you mature.  As a teenager, in this society today, there are many challenges.  I have a songlosophy the reflects the challenges faced in this world, in our world.  My songlosophy is my legacy.  I want to look at the issues facing teens today, to have an effect and impact in the world, and still have fun.


Kennedy has been acting, singing and writing music since the age of 10.  She began her musical career singing in an all girl teen acapella group.  Since then she has performed with various groups and organizations.  She performs various genres of music but loves the theatrical aspects of any performance.  Kennedy wants to continue her artistry through acting, singing and song writing.  Kennedy is writing a four part children's book series about how using the Arts can help people overcome anxiety.  Finding her passion at such a young age is a blessing.  She knows that she has years of performing to look forward to.  Kennedy is now writing pop, soul, indie, and rhythm and blues music.