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In 2018 Kennedy started

Arts for Anxiety, a motivational program designed to encourage those who suffer from anxiety and depression to use the Arts to help in their treatment.


Kennedy is writing a four part children's book series that discusses how the Arts can be used in addressing issues of anxiety and depression.  Please consider purchasing a book to donate to a local children's hospital or make a donation toward the purchase of a book for Kennedy to provide to hospitalized children

"I'm glad I found you"


"Samantha, thank you so much for sharing your story about your journey with selective mutism. My 7 year old son suffers with it, and I have anxiety as well. I also find that singing helps me feel better and is an outlet for me to cope with anxiety. I will definitely read your book :)"  Stephanie

"Your platform holds a special place in my heart as I am raising a son who is managing anxiety and depression... I cant even begin to explain how it feels as a mom to not be able to help him through his pain. I would love for him to listen to your story and kinda see you as a mentor to understand that he is not alone." D'Nicole

"As the parent of a child with anxiety (which manifested as selective mutism) I cant thank you enough!" Lisa

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